Invisible and traditional orthodontics.

Take the beauty of your smile to the next level with Invisalign at Dental Centro.

There are various techniques and materials for aligning teeth depending on age, the complexity of the case, and aesthetic demands.


What treatment is ideal?

It is essential to conduct a comprehensive study with intraoral scanning, photos, record taking, and X-rays.

The specialist and their team will inform and advise you on the ideal treatment for your case.


Invisible orthodontics

Invisible orthodontics is a revolutionary technique to align teeth without the need for traditional braces.

The treatment involves a 3D planning that allows you to see a simulation of the final result before starting the treatment. During the treatment, you will use a series of virtually invisible aligners that will gradually change the position of your teeth.

At Dental Centro, we use Invisalign, which are the most widely used clear aligners in the world and, therefore, the ones that have undergone the most studies.



Braces are small metal or ceramic pieces that are attached to the teeth, and the orthodontist adjusts them periodically. This is the traditional technique and is effective for treating more complex cases.

Treatments according to age

Practical Cases

At Dental Centro, we are proud to present a selection of our practical cases that illustrate how we have transformed smiles and changed lives. Each patient has a unique story and a specific goal in mind, and we are proud to have been part of their journey toward a brighter and healthier smile. We have hundreds of documented cases, before/after. Come meet them.


Advanced dentistry with digital technology, precise diagnosis.


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