At Dental Centro, we offer a wide variety of services and treatments to ensure your best smile.

Dental Aesthetics

Improving or rejuvenating your smile today is possible thanks to advances in materials and technology, as well as the ongoing training of our specialists.


It involves the implantation of an artificial root made of a biocompatible material (titanium). Over this, we will place the teeth or molars that have been lost or have never been present.

Periodontics & Periodontal Plastic Surgery

It involves the treatment of gum diseases and solving the aesthetic problems it causes, such as gum and bone loss.

Orthodontics and Invisalign

The science that studies the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of misalignment of teeth and jaws.


It involves treating the nerve once it has been affected by decay or for aesthetic or prosthetic reasons, preserving the tooth and eliminating pain.

Dental whitening

It involves making your teeth whiter and brighter using gels and lamps that do not harm the teeth.

Rejuvenation of the lower facial third

Lower facial third rejuvenation with hyaluronic acid can be performed in various areas: in the nasolabial folds, lips, perioral wrinkles, and marionette lines.

Bruxism, TMJ, and occlusion

At Dental Centro, we provide personalized solutions to treat and prevent bruxism, as well as TMJ disorders and the occlusion of your jaw.

Advanced dentistry with digital technology, precise diagnosis.


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